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Millions of records have been released over the years, and continue to be released in a seemingly endless stream of impossibly great quantities. Somewhere around 30.000 records are released each year in the United States alone. As music appreciators without the realistic possibility of buying and listening to the total recorded output of mankind, how are we to distinguish the wheat from the chaff? The purpose of this website is to be a step on the way towards just that – it aims to provide a critical glance at fine records and act as a guide to a variety of genres – from black metal to indie rock – to listeners around the world. Reviews are freely available for perusal by our readers through our webzine archive, as are several interviews, with more to be added as the site grows. We also hope to bring live concert reviews of promising bands.

Please use this site as a guide for exploring new music. Reward talented artists by listening to and buying their music. Labels and bands are invited to send their releases for review. Enjoy, and check back for updates!

The Welkin: Reviews: A: Adam Green – Friends of Mine

Who the hell let this little dandy have a mic, I wanna know now! Rhyming “brunch” with “cunts” and “months”, attempting a sweet melodic style with laid-back violin strings and sweet melodies while in fact singing about petty middle class worries such as angry girlfriend fathers and Barnes & Nobles credit cards and Jessica Simpson – ah who cares – people are starving, people are being shot and killed and bombed every which way, and in terrible ways! This album is just decadence, no more than a 2005 Sistine Chapel of the record industry! Is this indie? So alternative, so just-woke-up and attemptedly unshaven, but probably made in studios with smooth leather chairs and Scandinavian wood inlay panels! I can imagine his haircut!