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January 07, 2005
Dj Shog – Another World – Review
Another World, by DJ Shog, really starts off very nicely. It starts off by 3/4 tunes that get repeated again and again during the whole song. These tunes are very addictive, and you’ll probably want to sing these tunes yourself.

Getting back to the beginning, after the first 3 tunes, the beat kicks in, while those tunes are still going on. This is again a very good mix for a club or café. This song is an excellent dance/trance song.

After about 30 seconds of those tunes and the background beat, which are both very addictive elements of this song, the background beat pauses for a few seconds, and the title (“Into Another World”) is said by a female voice, after which another kind of beat starts, this time without the tunes.

After 20 seconds of this new beat, the old beat returns with the addictive tunes. This will then go on for about 40 seconds again. After that it seems the beat stops for a split-second, but it returns immediately, this time a lot stronger and intense. The bass in this beat is excellent.

After about 20/30 seconds of this beat, with background tunes, the beat stops and so do the background tunes. Now a female voice will talk for about 10/20 seconds. The words she speaks are very “magical” and have an echoed effect.

After the female voice is done talking, you will get a short beat of about 10 seconds which is reasonably quite compared to the rest of the song. After this short beat, the first beat kicks in again, very loudly (and proudly). After 20 seconds of this beat, the background tunes kick in as well, making the song complete again.

This beat, with background tunes, slowly fades out, which makes this song end very well.
My Personal Opinion

In case you didn’t know yet, I’m a huge fan of dance/trance songs, so it’s no surprise this song ranks very well for me. I like it a lot, and I’ve listened to for over 15 times already, but I’m still not bored off it.

I very much like those 3/4 tunes that keep getting repeated during the song. These tunes are very addictive, and make it excellent for people to groove a long to this song, especially in clubs. I can already imagine everyone shouting out these tunes, while the beat blasts away. Excellent!

I like the way this song has been mixed together. Each beat fades over into each other very well, and there aren’t any sudden silences or loud noises. It’s very friendly to your ears. It’s a very relaxing, but still a FANTASTIC song to dance to!

My rating: 8/10

Written by Dennis Pallett at 04:57 PM
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Double You – Run to me – Review
Run to me, by Double You, is an excellent soft trance/dance song. If you are looking for a “quiet” trance song, then this is worth listening to. Run to me also has lyrics, unlike many other trance songs. Even if you are not a trance fan, you will enjoy this song.

It starts out very softly, and increases the beat as the song goes a long. If you are feeling depressed or down for any reason, it’s recommended you listen to this song. It’s very uplifting, and after having listened to his song, you will immediately feel a bit better again.

Like many trance/dance songs, it has a very catchy beat to it, and its chorus is very addictive as well. This song is excellent for clubs and cafe’s, as people will definitely feel like dancing to this song.

Although Double You isn’t very famous at all, it is still very much worth to listen to their songs. You will most definitely like them!
Written by Dennis Pallett at 04:56 PM
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Groove Coverage – Poison – Review
Groove Coverage with the song Poison is in my opinion a real hit. Although not many people know of Groove Coverage (in fact, I hadn’t heard about them, until someone referred me to them), this song is an absolute topper.

It’s a type of dance song, excellent for clubs, as you can easily groove to this song (the name Groove Coverage says it all!). Even people that don’t like dance songs, will most likely find this song to be very attractive.

With a length of 3 minutes and 30 seconds, this song manages to find a good balance between making the song long enough for people to enjoy it, and short enough for people to stay focused to it. This isn’t an easy thing to do, but Groove Coverage did a very good job on this.

Another good thing about this song are the (semi)quiet bits in between, and then the way it builds up a climax. It really makes you want to get up, and start raving all the way.

Overall, I’d say this song is one of the best dance songs around, and I hope it’ll get more popular soon, so it’ll be played more in the clubs. This is truly a tune to groove to!
Written by Dennis Pallett at 04:56 PM
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Interactive – Forever Young – Review
Forever Young, by Interactive is a very happy, and addictive tune. Although it isn’t original (it’s a cover), it’s still a good song nonetheless, and very worthy of buying/downloading.

It starts out with a weird intro, which really starts to get you moving right at the start. After that the real beat starts. The real beat is a very strong bass background, very rhythmic. That’ll really get you moving.

After about 25-30 seconds of the real beat, it is interrupted again, with the weird starting intro, but this time it’ll have some lyrics being sung by a woman’s voice. This sounds very “happy”, and if you are feeling depressed for any reason, then this is the song to really cheer you up.

After about 3 or 4 sentences of lyrics, the real beat kicks in again, but the lyrics keep going on (“Forever Young, I wanna be forever young”). Although it may be bit of a sound overload, with the beat blasting in the background, and the lyrics, it still manages to keep it reasonably clear, for you to enjoy to.

While the real beat is still going on, and the lyrics are still being sung as well, the weird intro tune comes back again. This time however the real beat doesn’t stop! This is a really interesting mix, and I must say, this sounds pretty cool. It really makes this song sound very hip, and it’s probably excellent for in the clubs and cafes.

At the end you’ll hear “Forever Young” for the last time, with an echoing effect of Young, and a fade out. Very nicely done.
My Personal Opinion

My personal opinion about this song is very positive. Because I’m already a big fan of dance/trance songs, with a good bass behind it, this song was bound to be positive in my book. But even people who have never really cared for dance songs, will most probably like this one.

It has an excellent beat, and the lyrics are fine as well. The good mix of different porno beats and speeds during the song really gives another dimension to this song, which makes it so good.

Another good thing about this song is the fact that it’ll definitely cheer you up. If you are really feeling depressed/worried for some reason, I recommend you play this song, on a good sound system with a loud bass and a high volume. It will cheer you up within minutes, and forget about all your worries.