6 Most Influential Rock Bands of the 21st Century

Those that think rock music has been declining are far from the facts. While new music genres have come up over the past centuries, rock music is a classic one that can never go stale. If you still doubt this, here are the famous rock bands of the 21st century that are proof enough of this genre’s consistency.

1. Queens of the Stone Age

From day one, when the Queens of the Stone Age hit the stage, they have been producing great music consistently. That is why they don’t have much competition. They have xnxx carefully arranged instrumentation that scintillates their musicianship. If you haven’t listed to their popular rhythms like “Little sister”, “feel-good hit of the summer” or “Go with the flow”’, you need to check your pulse!

2. Swans

Because this group only started in 2010, they have done exceptionally well. So far they have three majestic albums that rock music lovers enjoy listening to. Some of their best tube pornographique masterpieces include “the seer” and “to be kind.” What amazes most people about this band is their fantastic growth. It is unbelievable how music intensity can mature to such heights in no time. Irrespective of your perspective, great music is universal, and everyone that experiences Swans agrees that their sound is relatable.

3. Interpol

The New York-based band is a classic example of modern rock. They are led by Paul Banks and have been winning their way in the music industry since 2002. “Turn on the bright lights” was the band’s first song to hit the highs on charts. From then and moving forward, they have not disappointed their fans. The group continues to create incredible compositions with a fantastic music style.

4. The black keys

The duo has been hammering its way since its unveiling album in 2002. However, it was in 2010 when they hit a commercial breakthrough with the brothers. Despite their video x francaise long wait for stardom, the band has put together fantastic records that will run for many centuries. Some of their best hits include “Attack & release” as well as “rubber factory.” The reason why many rock lovers can relate with the band is because of their back to basics approach.

5. Deerhunter

The band is now a decade into their lifespan. It is incredible to see how much change ten years can bring to a musician. Since their debut, the group has established itself as a consistently compelling rock band of the 21st century. Every album they have produced has a distinct identity. When asked about it, the four-member group says that they have high standards.

6. Kings of Leon

Only a few bands in the rock genre can beat the Kings of Leon with regards to making an impact. The successful group launched in 2004 with a southern rock idea that made the band unique. Before they opted to move to a bigger arena of rock territory, they were already hitting the screens. Although their game has advanced widely over the past few years, there is no denying the feeling that their first three songs gave listeners.