The publishing and reproduction department undertakes the making of orchestral parts, the publishing and reproduction of the scores of CeBeDeM-members. Copies can be bought directly at the CeBeDeM-bookstore and worldwide through commercial dealers and distributors. To insure the dissemination of its publications and to promote Belgian music in general, CeBeDeM attempts considerable national and international promotion by offering catalogs, biographies of Belgian composers and complimentary copies of published works throughout the world. It collaborates regularily with standard references publications.

The catalogue of CeBeDeM publications covers scores of diverse musical tendencies such as post-romanticism, impressionism, neo-classicism, expressionism, dodecaphony, serialism, post-serialism, repetitive music, minimalism and post-modernism. It is available in 3 parts comprising more than 2,000 titels of affiliated composers :

Important note : The copyright regulations make impossible for us to reproduce a work published by another publisher. You have to buy it by a retailer or by the publisher himself. If this published work is no more available (and if we have a sample of it), we can sell you a copy if we receive the publisher's authorization. A form is available here to perform this step. Just ask the publisher to fill it and send it us back with your order. We absolutely need it to be allowed to help you.

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