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Eugène SAMUEL-HOLEMAN (Brussels, 3rd November 1863 - Brussels, 25th January 1942) studied philosophy and literature; took music lessons with his father Adolphe Samuel, who was professor and director of the Royal Conservatory of Ghent. He dedicated his whole life to music and lived as a free artist without any official support or function.

In 1896 he published a study concerning scales with whole notes, called for a long time “gammes de Samuel”. He was also the inventor of a technique of superposed overtones called “Mutation en diaphonie moderne”.

As a composer, he searched for a simple style as reaction to the orchestral verbalism of the late romantic period in which he lived. The catalogue of his works shows mostly lyric pieces. Amongst them “La jeune fille à la fenêtre” which was successfully performed in Paris in 1914.

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  • *brouillons et esquisses 32 pages
    orchestra 00:00:00
  • *brouillons et esquisses 46 pages
    middle voice and piano 00:00:00
  • *brouillons et esquisses 48 pages
    piano 00:00:00
  • Adagio
    violin and piano 00:09:00
  • Allégresse
    Soprano and piano 00:01:30
  • Amour perdu!
    Soprano and piano 00:01:40
  • Berceuse
    middle voice and piano 00:04:00
  • Berceuse
    middle voice and piano or harp 00:04:00
  • Berceuse
    middle voice and harp 00:04:00
  • Cantique
    mixed choir and organ 00:09:30
  • Colloque sentimental
    middle voice and piano 00:02:30
  • Dans la chambre de la petite morte, 1917
    2 violins, viola and cello 00:07:30
  • Elisabeth, reine des Belges, 1914
    Tenor and piano 00:05:00
  • Hymne national juif
    unisono choir and piano 00:02:00
  • La chanson d'"Echo-Bourse-Sport"
    Man's choir and piano 00:01:30
  • La fête galante
    Mezzo-Soprano and piano 00:00:00
  • La jeune fille à la fenêtre, 1890
    Mezzo-Soprano and oboe, horn, harp and quartet 00:45:00
  • La jeune fille à la fenêtre, 1890
    chamber orchestra 00:45:00
  • La tombe anonyme
    middle voice and piano 00:20:00
  • Les cloches en la nuit
    middle voice and piano 00:03:30
  • Les heures dolentes
    middle voices and piano 00:06:00
  • Les saisons mystiques
    middle voice and piano 00:04:15
  • Marche funèbre pour magnifier notre héros inconnu, 1914
    piano 00:13:00
  • Obsession
    middle voice and piano 00:07:10
  • Obsession (extr.)
    middle voice and string quartet 00:02:50
  • Pièces pour piano (40-78)
    piano 00:00:00
  • Sans titre IV
    middle voice and piano 00:00:00
  • Sans titre IX
    piano 00:00:00
  • Sans titre XIV
    piano 00:00:00
  • Sonnet
    Contralto and piano 00:04:30
  • Un Vendredi Saint en Zélande (extr.), 1901
    three-part choir a cappella 00:03:00
  • Voix éparses, feuilles mortes, 1896
    middle voice and piano 00:02:50
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