belgian centre
for music documentation

The Belgian Centre for Music Documentation is a non-profit association, founded in 1951. It is placed under the auspices of the Federal Government and sponsored by Sabam and the National Lottery in order to stimulate the promotion and performance of the works of Belgian contemporary composers of serious music.

The object of CeBeDeM is to stimulate the expansion of Belgian contemporary music, in Belgium as well as abroad. For that purpose, CeBeDeM compiles and publishes the works of its members, reproduces unpublished scores for performance or promotion, provides orchestral material, collects and gives all information concerning the affiliated composers.

To fulfill these major purposes the Centre developed different services and departments : a sheet music library, a recording library both with reading and listening room, a publishing, reproduction and sales department, a rental department and a promotion service.

CeBeDeM is a member of I.A.M.I.C. (International Association of Music Information Centres), as such it is also affiliated to I.M.C. (International Music Council). It is also a member of I.A.M.L. (International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centres).